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Wholesale New Arrival Flash Colorful Led Inertial Gyro Super Lighting UFO LED Spinning Tops Inertial Friction Tops.
Decorated by Lace Border Giftbox Packing.

Item No.: D281521621
MOQ: 480 pieces
Qty/ctn: 480 pcs
Way of packing: giftbox
Item size: 5.5CMX6.0CM
Weight: net weight 1kg/giftbox, item weight: 40g/pc,24pcs/giftbox, 20 giftboxes/carton
Color: three colors for your choice: yellow, orange, and green

This is a inertial friction flash spinning gyro, inside installed with changeable button batteries,with long term lifespan.Just slip it on the ground tipsily by making use of the friction between the silicone bottom of this gyro and the ground,then put it on the ground slightly,you will see it rotates back and forth and gives out fancy colorful light at the same time.Children over 3 year old can play this inertial gyro freely.It’s very suitable for playing in places with crowds like parks,square,and so on and especially in the dark we can see how charming of the led light color is.

Newest lace gyro. rub sideways the gyro buttom on the ground,it will rotate because of friction,flash light inside it starts to sparkle with brilliant light. No need rope to whip makes it much easier to play. As long as it starts rotating,it flashes.The light changes constantly.Both adults and children like this game,full of joy! Once stops rotating,it lights out automatically.



How to play this inertial friction flash spinning gyro:

Rub the silicone buttom of the gyro on the ground with 30 to 45 degrees at full tilt,after the silicone bottom rotates rapidly because of inertance,put the gyro on the flat ground.With built-in luminous diode,it rotates and accompany with bright and colorful lights,changes like magic with endless variations,especially at night. Adults and children could have a match,let’s see who can make the gyro rotates longer.