whistle Flying Helicopters large long thick blade whistling flash helicopter flying whistle

Buy 500 pieces we can do customized label. The label can print your phone number ,logo or website information.

Large long thick blades whistle copters in the market! Whistling helicopters sound like a bottle rocket and can reach greater heights than any other Slingshot Helicopters. The improved LED light make the rotors glow brighter and creates a dazzling Halo effect. Flash whistle copters are visible for half a mile or more, in the night sky.

Size: 220mm for all length, 30mm for blade width
Plastic Y shape slingshot
3X buttonbatteries
led light
rubber band
one piece into one opp bag
MOQ:300 pcs
Item No.: 530-Y
These items can be printed logo, website on blades or handle,we can do personal label, barcoding and customized package for your business.

Any interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Factory direct sale price.

whistle copters in opp bag whistle copters with Y lancher and big wings

It will light up your nights like fireworks in the sky! By the Seaside, during a festival, at a live stock show, at a fair or carnival, outside of an event sporting or other. You can make money launching our led copter toys at any night time event.

flying copter with a whistle green yellow and blue color flying copters whistle copter accessories

Flying arrow helicopter with whistle is the hottest led Flying toy in the market! Use our Maxi Sling Shot to fire these beauties very high with ease. As it glides back to earth it spins with our bright led light just like fireworks in the sky.

Whistle copter for birthday parties, weddings etc. Fun at any night time event or gathering.