slingshot arrow helicopters elastic power Y shape flare copters

Big size blade with Stronger Y shape slingshot, flying higher.  Use this “Y” shape slingshots,elastic rubber bands,spinning flying led toys are shot into the air.  It’s also called magic flying rocket,UFO space,rubber band led light helicoptert,rubber band powered helicopters.

Product name: Elastic slingshot arrow helicopter;
Item No.: 560Y;
Size: 21*2.5cm
Material: Plastic+battery+led light+rubber band ;
Features: Led light flying toy, outdoor toys ;
MOQ: 1200;
Package: opp bag;

Large size slingshot arrow helicopter uses a strong Y-shape slingshot as launch tool and has LED light for having fun at night. “Y” shape slingshots go with perfect mechanical design,more powerful mechanical power,so that the amazing arrow helicopter toys easier catapult during playing and the arrow helicopters can be launched further and stay in the air longer.

flare copter with strong Y-shape slingshot as launch tool

This flare copter is similar to the whistle copters which is the biggest one on the market.

Perfect design rubber band power arrow helicopter, bigger wing anti gravity flight, when you launching this flying arrow helicopters into air with its rubber band,it will fly light up helicopter rocket reaches maximum height with 150-160 feet, bigger wing open,these large blade keep it stay airborne for extraordinary lengths of time.

flare copters with Y-shape slingshot
innovative design Y-shape slingshot arrow helicopter,more powerful mechanical power.Amazing Arrow Helicopter individually packaged
slingshot arrow helicopter with Y-shape slingshot into the opp bag packaging,built-in 3 x ag3 batteries.

2 leds helicopters

Double led lights, red and blue light, Item No:. 560-D

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Apparently, these tchotchkes – flying arrow helicopters, officially–are huge in china. their tiny propellers, attached led lights, easy-to-use tautened rubber band launch pads, and relative cheapness, give the impression that they will also bequeath children and kids with a solid 15 minutes of pleasure in the dusk and snow this holiday season before the siren song of their playstations beckons them back inside. Trajectory and hang time challenges, along with the splendiferous light show effect of multiple helicopters flying at once, could lure the adults to the back yard as well.