amazing arrow helicopter launch flying led rocket toy with rubber band slingshot China factory

588A, amazing arrow helicopter can be spinning and fall down softly. It is amazing with the LED light. It is just like an flashing mushroom (Led flying umbrella) floating from sky to earth.

Rubber band helicopter can be printed logo, website on blades or handle,we can do personal label, barcoding and customized package for your business.

Small order is acceptable, buy 500 pieces we can do customized label for you to support your business.
amazing arrow helicopter

In the picture, you can see the led light is blue color, we can do “double flash”(blue and red color changing) too.
These spinning rubber band helicopter with led light, easy to assemble, just fold the wings, turn on the led light , draw the rubber bands and shot the helicopters toy up to night sky.

More Detail about pull string flying helicopter (588A):

1.Product name: Led rubber band umbrella
2.Unit weight: 13g/pc
3.Product size: 16cm for whole length, 2.1cm for width of the blade
4.Product material: plastic+battery+led light+rubber band
5.Packing: opp bag
6.Users: over 3 year old children or adults
7.Playing occasions: outdoor, best at night
8.Notice: this type of rubber band helicopter toy uses F5 high lightened LED light and thicker blades, can fly up to 40-50 meters.
9.Other names: Magic space flying saucer,Luminous rocket,Elastic rockets,soaring lighting rokets.
10.Each piece comes with its own slingshot.
11.Led light: blue light and red light is ok.
12.We sell accessories of rubber band helicopters like wings, battery, rubber band, handle

Once shot the light up flying saucer toy up into the air, the blades will open up once it reaches its maximum height. As it twirls back down, it will spin with the LED lights in affect.

Y shape amazing arrow helicopter

588A-Y, New design “Y” shape slingshots,elastic rubber bands,different from ordinary slingshot rubber band power. “Y” shape slingshots go with perfect mechanical design,more powerful mechanical power,so that the amazing arrow helicopter toys easier catapult during playing and the arrow helicopters can be launched further and stay in the air longer.

Y shape rubber band helicopters red green yellow and blue coolor

More details for this fun amazing arrow helicopter,slingshot LED helicopter (588A-Y):
1. Product weight: 18g/pc
2. Size: 16cm for overall length, 2.1cm for blade width
3. Material: plastic,pvc,rubber band,LED light
4. Features: square blades,arrow helicopter with Y shape slingshot for easier launching the led slingshot helicopter.
5. Color: red,yellow,blue,green,etc. can be customized with pantone color

Amazing arrow helicopter led illuminated toy. launch the helicopter into the air with the rubber band, watch it fire into the sky lit up by its led light. when the flying arrow helicopter reaches maximum height its blades open and it drops to earth again while spinning very fast. best used at night so that you can see its light working.

three different style flying arrow helicopters 588a,588a-y,560L

More item No.: 588A /588A-Y/560L/560Y/530Y /590L (click to get more information)

Different style different packaging, OEM is welcome!

blister card packaging amazing arrow helicopter
500 pieces we can do customized label for you to support your business.
high quality plastic accessories F5 led light

different style flying arrows

560L,Perfect design rubber band power arrow helicopter, bigger wing anti gravity flight, when you launching this flying arrow helicopters into air with its rubber band,it will fly light up helicopter rocket reaches maximum height with 150-160 feet, bigger wing open,these large blade keep it stay airborne for extraordinary lengths of time.

thickening blade long and large

560L is large fly arrow helicopter.

Size: overall length: 21CM, wing width: 2.5CM
Material: plastic,rubber band,LED light
Blade: the blades are customized with color printing
Packing: 1pc/opp bag, 50pcs/bag, 1200pcs/carton

The greatest feature of large size flying arrow helicopter is big blage and slowly falling,with LED lights,lookd gorgeous at night,extend the time of flight,extend the time of fun.Its a good night toy.It’s also called magic flying rocket,UFO space,rubber band led light helicoptert,rubber band powered helicopters.
The most noteworthy:
Print customer’s logo to show your personality information for products.
1. without product model number;
2. change “flying arrow helicopter” label into cutomer’s logo or descrition;
3. change model number into customer’s logo or model number customer wanted;
4. print customer’s logo and content like order number, UPC code, barcode, company name, website, address and contact information on one label, and stick this label on outside package.
5. print customer’s all information directly on outside package.
6. battery sticker / battery case with customers information for flying arrow helicopters

Apparently, these tchotchkes – flying arrow helicopters, officially–are huge in china. their tiny propellers, attached led lights, easy-to-use tautened rubber band launch pads, and relative cheapness, give the impression that they will also bequeath children and kids with a solid 15 minutes of pleasure in the dusk and snow this holiday season before the siren song of their playstations beckons them back inside. Trajectory and hang time challenges, along with the splendiferous light show effect of multiple helicopters flying at once, could lure the adults to the back yard as well.

workers assemble a Flying led helicopter toy

flash copter's packing: 50 pieces/bag, 24 bags/carton
switch without cracks,LR41 battery long battery life
different styles amazing arrow helicopter wings

Also sell small parts like wings, battery, rubber band, handle,Led light switches, semi-finished goods, finished products;

amazing arrow helicopter accessories: slingsots,batteries,labels,rubber bands
print new battery sticker with customers’ logo, company name, website;
printing and folding paper instructions;
print customers’ logo, website…etc information on amazing arrow helicopter wings, on handle
private label, barcoding,customized package.

flare copters in tube,tube packing arrow helicopters
Flare copters come in a tube
Tube packing: one rubber slingshot +arrow helicopter;
PET tube length: 17cm;
25 pieces / bag .
blue flare copters tube packing, 25 pieces/bag

We have another styles of Y slingshot copters 560Y and whistle flying copters 530Y. May be you are interested in these.