1:14 four-way remote control racing car

Name: 1:14 four-way remote control car
Models size: 15*30*7 cm (length * width * height)
Packing size: 39*19*14 cm (length * width * height)
Material: ABS plastic, electronics, rubber tires, car body paint processing
Color: noble, Chinese red, elegant orange yellow
Remote control distance: 15 to 25 meters (the largest outdoor remote control distance up to 30 meters)
Lighting effects: two headlights, two rear lamp
Function: of the car, the rear wheels, turn left and right steering and comprehensive cross function
Drive configuration: double motor drive (a) before and after each
Use time: about 25 minutes
Charging ways: batteries
Charging time: 1.5 hours, (charging, bright red light on the charger for the normal phenomenon)
Models functions
1. Remote control: forward and backward, turn left and right steering, static, all-round wireless remote control.
2. Use spring suspension device design, large scale tires, sports more smoothly and quickly.
3. Scale: 1/14 proportion model generated, first-class workmanship, spray paint. When you don’t play, display in the shop window is also a fine piece of art, gifts more face.