light up silicone bracelets led children flashing toy bracelets for party decorations

Flashing bracelet is the best choice for birthday, marriage and a cost-effective equipment while enjoying a concert.

Various styles and shape options, they can glare flashing light, shining in the dark place, 100% definitely attract the attention of others!

In wedding, birthday, friends, concert and various partty occasions, KTV etc., absolutely let you be the star of the dazzling shine!

These light up silicone wristbands is a plastic production, all sorts of modelling, with a controllable switch, people only need to open the side black button, it makes out a gorgeous colour light imediately.

Product name: Flashing wristbands;
Item No.: D281503012206;
Product size: 20.5*2.0cm
Material: silicone
Features: HAPPY logo, LED light
MOQ: 1200 piees
Package: opp bag

3 pieces AG3 batteries included.

flashing wristbands in dark

opp packing flashing wrist bands,12 pieces/bag