flying led toy light up flashy spinning copter shoots up in the air

Light up flashy flying led ufo, best spinning toy for playing outdoors at night, manually pull spin saucer toys flashy spinning copter, manually operated spinning top fly wheel.

Three blades helicopter features:

Item No.: D28135121
MOQ: 500 pieces
Users: Children 3+
Material: Plastic blades
Size (Approx.)
Disc Diameter: 17.5CM
Hand Shank Length: 37.5CM
Battery: Changeable battery
Certificate: with EN71 certificate
3 x LR41 Button Cell
Flying Disc LED Light Color: Blue,Orange,Green
Solid physical structure, additional circular fence, the circle connection to three blades,constitute a flywheel. It spin and twirl shoot up in the air, soaring dozens of feet depending on whoever is controlling it.

How to play the flying UFO toy:
Turn on the LED light by the black switch, then put the hand shank into the round disc center hole till the terminal. Then boost up the UFO round disc to launch / shoot up it into the air, when it reaches maximum height,it will drop to the earth again. The flying height depends on how much strength do you use to launch, usually the Led flying disc can fly up to 6 to 7 meters high.