Electronic cigarette
factory direct electronic cigarette
E-cigarette ego ce4
Gender: Unisex
Size: L149xD14mm
Certificate: CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS
Color: 8 Different Colors To Choose From
Smoke: 500puffs
Minimum Order: 100pc
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mini e-cigarette packing

Ego ce4 atomizer blister packing suit for e cigarette

The eGo-CE4 e-cigarette is new generation of eGo e-cigarette with new technology of 1.6ml

EGO Electronic cigarette


mini e-cigarette guidelines and instructions

E-cigarette manual: 1.pull out the silicone cover. 2.counterclockwise unscrew the
cigarette holder.3. fill down the side.4. fill to level 1.2ml or 70% is enough

Product Description


E-cigarette EGO CE4

2013 Best Selling factory direct cheap E-cigarette EGO CE4. No tar, no ash, and no smelly smoke.

Comprehensive electronic cigarette selection ,e-cigarette ego ce4/ce5/ce6,ego-t,ego-c,ego-w,ego-k,ego-o,ac/usb e-cigarette.

High quality,healthy and good taste electronic cigarette,PC material tube,no breaking.

Electronic Cigarette Product Description
1. 8 Different Colors To Choose From
2. 1xProduct Manual
3. 2xRechargeable Batteries(650MAH)
4. 2xcartomizers
5. 1xBottle E-Liquid
6. 1xUSB Adapter
7. 1xUSB Charger
8. Smoke: 500puffs

Product specifications
1. Size: L149xD14mm
2. Unit weight: 40.8gram
Other information
1. charger input voltage: 100V-240V
2. charger output voltage: 5V-6V
3. charging current: max. 120MA
4. Advantage: no leaking,huge vapor, various color for your choice,
5. Certificate: CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS
6. Delivery: 1-3days for sample order,3-10days for official order

Let's put it together
Take out one battery
connect cartomizer to battery with threaded ends only finger tight to avoid damage.

To fill a cartomizer open E-liquid
"you will need scissors to cut the tip"
To fill a CE4 cartomizer
fill down the side
"not in the middle..That's the air channel"
fill to level 1.6ml
thread on plastic tip only finger tight!
"Do not over turn"

It should look like this
with manual batteries
hold down the button to activate
"hold button while inhaling"
The light will blink after a few seconds..It has a auto cut off to avoid burning

Exhale Vapor not smoke!!

When one battery runs out of power after continuous use... simply change it!Then repeat vaping!!When the light flashes repeatedly when the button is pushed
it's time to recharge it
Pull out your USB adapter
Insert the USB end into adapter
The USB charger has a special connection for the CE4 eCIG battery

Thread the battery into charger,only finger tight to avoid damage

The red light means it's charging,the green light means it's charged(3hrs till fully charge)

Hold the button and vape away!
Proper maintenance is recommended for full function and life of your ECIG.

Using a Q-tip or something similiar.. Swab the battery and atomizer threads to ensure a proper connection.
"It's important!!"

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