rongxin double lightsaber star wars lightsaber with sound sword toy weapons green purple red blue yellow white color

Double lightsaber starwars toy weapons laser lightsaber with sound sword toy weapons.

Item No.:D5013188A/B ;
MOQ:120 pieces;
Product size: 66cm (Connected size 133cm);
Material: plastic;
Handle color: silver/black;
Package: opp bag;
Led light color: green,purple,red,blue,yellow, white and sky-blue.

Product Feature: (Sound & Light & Changing color)
It can be used as two light sabers or connect for the ultimate double saber sword (133CM).
Sword is 52.36 Inches when connected.
Each sword with one button activates sound effects & lights.
4 Switch modes to control different effect of led light flash mode and sound effect.
Weilding or shaking the sword to make excellent different battle sound effect.
Turn on and turn off with sound effect.
Two halves twist-lock together by a connector (included) – can be used individually.
Push-button switch on each half – Press to cycle through the 4 modes, then off
Batteries: 3x AAA batteries in each half (NOT included)

Modes (4 modes in total):
Mode 1: Press the button switch once to activate the light and sound, weild the sword to change LED color (7 stable color in this mode, with battle sound effect).
Mode 2: press the button again, different light color quick flashing starts, and can be different flash mode by (with sound effect)
Mode 3: constantly changing modes, control by weilding the sword to change different from modes, with sound effect.
Mode 4: seven color gradual changing, without sound effect.