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We are very cheerful to launch our new official blog of the silicone watches for Dex team on Internet. To some we are also known as the amazing yoy gifts business Unit. We are manufactuer, producer, product manager who offer different novelty rubber and plastic gifts. We hope this blog provides you with a deeper insight into our work and who we are, and we’re very excited to be here contacting you!


Content will include knowledge of various kinds of silicone watches, which will offer technic support at the same time. News of gifts in the market will also be included to share with you. Once the topic of silicone product has been comprehensively covered the blog will move on to other aspects. On that note, we welcome your input regarding possible topics, wishes or suggestions and invite you to visit our company website: www.dexgifts.com


Thanks so much for visiting our blog. We hope you enjoy the blog and look forward to receiving your feedback!

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Dex Team

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Question: I ordered a silicone wristband watch from ebay yesterday and I just wanted to know if silicone watches get dirty easily.Because I showed my friend a picture of silicone watch band and he said that it get dirty easily.And how long would it get dirty?
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If there is water come inside your silicone watch,what can you do?Here we recommend some simple methods for your reference.
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Those white silicone watch straps dirty easily. How to clean? 1 step: Remove the watch head(watch face), there is a removable tab on the silicone watches. 2 step: Put the silicone watch straps on the addition of detergent soak in boiling water for about 15 minutes .
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