cs team battle infrared beam dueling laser guns interactive shooting game high-tech electronic pistol toy gun

These CS laser guns are high-tech electronic infrared laser guns which can be played as ordinary toy guns, and can also be used for team battle, one on one battle, and target shooting games.

Internally mounted transmitter and receiver. The players will have more fun in a multiplayer team battle game.Such wonderful interactive shooting game toy guns, a excellent gift for your children!

cs battle infrared guncs battle infrared guns interactive shooting game

Product name: infrared laser guns
Item No.: D095161824
Product size: 24.5 x 16.5 x 5.5 cm
Material: ABS high quality environmental protection plastic + Electronic components
Features: infrared, laser gun, for children above 8, electronic team battle toy gun, interactive
MOQ: 24 sets(two guns per set)
Package: giftbox or insulband bulk packing or as per customer’s request

The infrared body device is inside the guns. Infrared induction against gun, gun body is equipped with an infrared device, is integrated with sound and light is more flexible, convenient to use with two game modes, is suitable for double against hard, also suitable for target practice technology alone.