children toy helicopter flying balloons helicopter toys

Balloon gas motive power helicopter,the balloon can pull the propeller to rise rotate up to 33 inches.

Key words: Balloon Helicopter Toy.

Item No.: D281522152
MOQ: 500 pieces
Color: Random send
Each Package include:
2 x balloons
3 x propeller
1 x tee
1 x gas nozzle

Children toy balloon airplane, 2 balloons, 3 gas blades, three direct links, 1 gas mouth in one packing bag. Very easy to assembly,it’s the best toy for developing children’s intelligence which is suitable for 3 to 5 year old children.

Balloon motive helicopter ,Need not consume an electricity side to fly a side to call. With export quality,this balloon helicopter flying toy meets European toy standards,uses safe and non-toxic material,all accessories can be put in the mouth.



Gas powered helicopter specific operation guide:
Assembly all the three propellers into the sockets upward,cover the blue plastic pipe by the balloon,blow the balloon and pinch it tightly,and then cover the blue pipe by the three direct links,then clamp and parallel the balloon helicopter and then let it go flying into the sky,it can fly up to the height of 3 floors and make melodious whistle sound during flying.